The wannaBeatles – November 24th

November 24, 2018 @ 9:00 pm – November 25, 2018 @ 1:00 am
Moby's Pub
Moby's Pub
The wannaBeatles - November 24th @ Moby's Pub

The WannaBeatles. All Beatles. All Night. All Fun!

David Jacquest – Guitar, Vocals

The Wannabeatles (SSI) started with the theme nights I started putting on at the Tree House Cafe ten years ago. There was Bob Dylan night; Neil Young; the Woodstock era;… and Let it Beatle. Having found (on facebook) the Paul to my John in Bill Nash (lead singer of Happy Daze); a group was put together almost every year to play a set of Beatles songs with us at the THC. Everyone from Malcolm Shoolbraid (the Coalition); to Dave Campbell (the Angry Hippies); to Mark Vanderwerf (the Hamsters);… played in the band at some point. Finally after a year or two off, I decided to pitch playing a longer set to some of the lads and the Wannabeatles SSI were born. Darren Linnell on drums; Leon Joseph on guitar; and Michael Iurincic on bass; (everyone sings) round out the current line-up. Special guests ranging from Tom Hooper (the Grapes of Wrath); Ross Duncan (the Coalition); Martin Thorn (on cello); and Michael Mann 9 (on keys) pop in from time to time too. My “career” in music started out with playing plastic toy flutes bought at Pharmasave with a friend of mine in front of the then “Red and White’ grocery store (now TJ Beans) on Saltspring. After graduating to busking in the halls of GISS, I went on to form dozens of rock bands, earning the dubious title of “the man who knows how to play the most songs in town and plays all of them poorly”. Davie J (David Jacquest to his enemies) loves the WannaBeatles and he knows that you will too.

Bill Nash – Vocals, Percussion

Blessed with perfect pitch and a five octave vocal range, Bill has sung everything from folk to opera. But his favourite is classic rock & soul. Bill began singing professionally just after high school in 1974 in bands such as Savvy, Rory Mac, and The Toyz.
In addition to his own gigs, he toured with and opened for Bryan Adams, Sweeney Todd, Trooper, Headpins, and Loverboy. Bill retired from music in 1988 to travel and go to school. Moving to Salt Spring Island in 2008 to help start up the radio station, Bill attended an open mic at The Tree House Cafe. From then on, Bill was a staple at all the tribute nights at the Tree House hosted then by David Jacquest. He even put helped put together a few bands: The Rock & Soul Revue (with David), The Travelling Wheelbarrows, and Happy Daze (with Leon). His latest venture is The WannaBeatles. All Beatles. All night. All fun.

Leon Joseph – Guitar, Vocals

Leon began his musical career as a solo artist singing in coffee houses and small pubs on the Lower Mainland. A year later, he joined the country rock group “Traveling Light” as their lead guitarist and backup vocalist. His love for the hard rock music scene prompted him to form the Top 40 rock group “Falcon Bridge”. This group eventually evolved into the club group “Atlantis”, which was frequently featured at Lower Mainland events, such as the Vancouver, Crescent Beach and White Rock Sea Festivals. Band members of Atlantis included many prominent West Coast musicians, such as; Steve Bosley (Doug & the Slugs), Mike Toth (Darby Mills), Cam Bowman (Barney Bental) Bobby Reagan (The Reagan Brothers). In 2013, Leon moved to Salt Spring Island and in 2016 formed Happy Daze (with Bill).

Michael Iurincic – Bass, Vocals

Having spent four years playing guitar in Toronto, Michael moved out to the West Coast for some easier living. He began playing bass around the islands in local bands. He now doubles as a bass/guitarist in various projects while moonlighting as a kayak guide around the Gulf Islands.

Darren Linnell – Drums, Vocals

I started playing percussion around 1994-95 with various African percussion groups in Vancouver. When I moved to Salt Spring in 2002, I soon met David Jacquest, and eventually formed the cover band ManCubs, and played at the Treehouse, and Moby’s . I also met members of the Salt Spring samba band:Samba DuSoleil, as well as the African band Iroko. I have been immersed in many music forms and really enjoy playing with the many talented musicians I’ve met on Salt Spring, and look forward to playing more diverse music.

Michael A. Mann – Keyboards, Vocals

(Imaginary Enemy) player of keys, dog advocate, and enjoyer of good times.

Dale Bishop – Guitar, Vocals

I was asked to give a bio of my music career…well , like John Fogerty and CCR, I was born on the bio…well, actually I’m originally from Castlegar , B.C. On February 9th,1964 I witnessed a revolutionary cultural phenomenon that irrevocably changed my life. Yes, something fresh new and exciting appeared on the Ed Sullivan show that night ,a music group from England called the Beatles and ever since ,I was a rock n roller. I started playing drums in bands in ’72 at the tender age of 16 and soon moved onto guitar, ukulele and mandolin. While living in Vancouver for 20 years is where I really honed my craft, so to speak, playing everything from punk, reggae, country, blues, folk, boss nova, jazz/rock and experimental weirdness. For the last 10 years on Salt Spring I hosted the open mike in Fulford with Superbeluga Dave, played and made a couple of recordings with Lane 31, and received praise and encouragement from Valdy, Harry Manx, Bill Henderson and Randy Bachman. The current group I’m in now, The WannaBeatles, with singer Bill Nash, whom I did a radio show with for four years, are some of the best people and musicians I’ve ever had the pleasure to kick out a few jams with.

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